Water Under The Bridge






A play for Over Het IJ Festival 2012 based off of the drawings of my mother, Glenda Martinus, about the Dutch Caribbean island Curacao. She drew the images in Microsoft Word. Around those images we came up with an idea to tell the history of the island through our own family history and included pictures of her parents and grandparents. The images were printed on white paper and placed on the inside of the container which was provided by the festival as the location of the performance.

I was looking at creative survival and existence on an island that had been plundered through colonialism and where the marginalized and oppressed had fought back. The play was in English, Dutch and Papiamentu, the language of the Leeward Dutch Caribbean islands. The performance was structured around me walking along the side of the container and the audience standing in the middle and turning with me as I engaged with the pictures on the walls of the container. We also used the sound of the blue tarp to evoke the sound and sight of the sea.

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