Things That (will) Have Found Us

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15 Things That (will) Have Found Us (2009) video internetart en performance voor de tentoonstelling Mostly It Happens At Night

Curated by Maaike Gouwenburg and Sandra van Dongen Mostly It Happens At Night at Flatstation was my first ever group exhibition. I portrayed three artists via three different online video platforms, a video that was shown as a documentary on a television set and a live performance at Flatstation in the Bijlmer.

I wanted to question how media properties changed the perception of stories told about the Bijlmer and from the Bijlmer. The artists, singer Valeri & rappers Verno and Iven, were born and raised in the Bijlmer and had intimate knowledge and experience that substantially enriched the exercise. I gave each one of them an object/topic related to the Bijlmer and asked them to write a performance text. I then asked them to perform those texts in three different media settings.

The piece looked at physical proximity and collective experiences. With the live performances being the most collectively experienced and simultaneously least documented part of the triptych. There are no pictures of the performances, but it’s the one part of the piece that most people remember. A couple of years after the project one of the online video platforms, the Dutch, was turned into a porn site and the video’s that I placed there were erased. A part of the work is now missing and thus further complicates the idea of remembering through electronically networked digital archives.

– Iven on Vimeo:
– Valerie on YouTube:
– Verno on (now removed): (NSFW)

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